As a Woodwind tutor via Skype I am happy to continue to encourage and support my Students with their studies through the convenience of online learning.

If you have been having any problems finding local teachers, and are looking for online lessons with your woodwind instruments, Saxophone, flutes or piano, then please contact me to arrange lessons via the excellent platforms of Skype and Zoom, which are enabling many of us to continue our lessons  travel and meeting one to one is difficult.

Indeed, as a Woodwind tutor via Skype and Zoom, the possibilities are that we can enjoy learning at a distance and come out of the period with something to be proud of as well as enjoying the music for its own sake and reducing stress levels.

All you need is a quiet corner of your home where you will not be disturbed, and kindly set up about 10 minutes beforehand, so that the lesson can start promptly.  You will need your phone, tablet or laptop positioned where we can see each other and chat easily.

So for students old and new, if you would like to continue lessons via Skype (or Zoom) whichever is most practical for you, please contact me and I will send you a link to get started.  I urge you not to put your music aside at this time; your studies in Woodwind could lead you in many directions and many of my students develop into performers and teachers of their instrument.  The challenge is to help each student find their own ‘voice’ and reach their full potential.  So to be able to support you as a woodwind tutor via Skype and Zoom is a great pleasure and privilege for me.

For those who do not know me already, I have been a performer and composer of music with woodwind, Saxophones and Flutes for many years, starting my career in the Army as principal flute and saxophone player within HM Band of the Royal Marines.  i continued to play with various other bands and groups around Exeter when I returned to the UK and in 1975 I finally left the military service, and spent further years recording and touring with bands and session work in and around London.

My work with the band IONA is one of my fondest periods;  IONA is a musical project which i co-founded after immersing myself in the culture and Celtic origins of the Christian faith within Iona and LIndisfarne.  This led to the production of `Iona` and `Book of Kells` and my continuing to work with Adrian Snell, and more performing and then solo recording of Celtic Expressions of Worship which you can find here.

After what might seem like a lifetime already, I am presently a teacher of music at the Norwich School, NCYM (Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians) and give my time to the Norfolk Music Service, teaching in Norwich School, Norfolk and co-directing the Senior School`s Jazz Band.  I also lead Saxology - an inspiring and creative Saxophone ensemble and these activities will be continuing as soon as we can meet again person to person.

As well as continuing to offer lessons as a Clarinet, Flute and Woodwind tutor via Skype and Zoom this Lockdown period has given me, in fact all of us all time to reflect and value what matters most in our lives and I offer all my students and their families my warmest wishes and prayers for your good progress, safety and welbeing.