A Great Find As A Music Teacher. As a mother of 2 pupils with David Fitzgerald we have been extremely pleased with the teaching they have received. David has inspired and encouraged in equal measure, finding ways to keep them engaged when they have found other pursuits more pressing. The ability to get them through Grade 5 music theory as well has been an added bonus in keeping them on track.

- Clare Elkins

A Wonderful Teacher. My daughter had music lessons with David Fitzgerald from the age of 11 to 18. Charlotte gained grade 8 in music and now attends a London college studying for a degree in actor/musicianship. David is a wonderful teacher always making lessons enjoyable. I would not have any hesitation in recommending him.

- Jaki Ware

Outstanding Teacher. David taught me alto saxophone for more than 8 years. He saw me though my grades but best of all introduced me to Jazz which became all we played. He creates a very relaxed atmosphere but also is willing to challenge and work you hard to progress your playing. Many of the saxophonists I have played with in various jazz bands with have been taught by him. A true legendary teacher!

- Philip Grant

An Outstanding Teacher. My son has had lessons with David for over five years and he is now at a Conservatoire. His tuition has been outstanding and his attention to detail is excellent. He has taken my son through to Grade 8 and a Diploma and given fantastic career advice. He has gone out of his way to introduce my son to different challenges including Young Norfolk Musician of the Year. A fantastic teacher who I cannot rate highly enough.

- Joy Anning

Patient & Encouraging. I can recommend David without reservation. He took me through from Grade 6 to Diploma level and really challenged me. The lessons were really enjoyable and he was always patient and encouraging. My sight reading really improved as did my tone. I am now at a Conservatoire and David continues to be a great support to my musical development.

- Michael Anning

First Class, exceptional teacher, who we recommend without reservation - Amazing! David is not only an exceptional saxophonist in his own right, his ability to teach and relate to his pupils is exemplary. He has a wonderful way of connecting with his students to make learning fun to ensure that they all realise their potential and beyond. He coached and supported my daughter through grade 8, but more importantly he presented numerous opportunities for her to play in bands and ensembles and instilled a love of performance and playing in her which has meant she has and continues to enjoy every second of her playing. Thank you David, you are truly inspirational as a teacher and saxophonist. We would recommend David without reservation in the knowledge that he will always go the extra mile and, without exception, puts the student`s needs and interests at the heart of everything he does.

- Sharon Shearer

Excellent! Having had David Fitzgerald for upwards of seven years, I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is continually kind and patient whilst also pushing you to do your very best. Obviously no teacher can substitute hard work and practice, but David is the kind of teacher whom his pupils should want to work hard for. He will always listen to what you want to get out of playing an instrument be that grades or just playing for fun and will work with you towards your goals.

- Becca Elkins

Brilliant! Couldn`t Recommend More Highly! I studied with David for roughly nine years and enjoyed every single one of them! David is versatile and extremely able at teaching a wide range of genres and adapts his methods to cater for individual needs. He introduced me to local and national ensembles, bands and Summer Schools such as the National Youth Jazz Collective, Junior Royal Academy of Music and many more. He pushed me to become the best musician I could be and I am now studying on the classical saxophone course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama which includes jazz, flute and clarinet tuition. I would highly recommend David as not only a saxophone teacher but also that of woodwind, reeds, piano and music theory!! I have David to thank for where I am now in my musical journey as he inspired me throughout our time together!!

- Finn McEwen

David Fitzgerald has been instrumental in my son`s music development for the last two years through individual lessons and saxophone ensembles. David offers customised training to his pupils based on individual needs and abilities with a balanced academic and artistic training across genres. With his excellent sense of structure and specific goal-oriented lessons with a clear long-term vision, David provides an unparalleled opportunity for up and coming musicians to develop themselves. This is further supported by the opportunities for public performances and dedicated yearly concerts to showcase his pupils` development. David involves the whole family of his pupil in music journey. He has helped us to support our child and to explore music together. David`s help and guidance doesn`t end once the pupil physically leaves school/place. His mentoring continues beyond. Any aspiring musician would greatly benefit from having David Fitzgerald as a teacher.

- Vanja Svacko/Mother of Ved Jan Kumar

David Fitzgerald has been my saxophone teacher for the last two years. He is very knowledgeable and an experienced tutor. He creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere in his lessons. What I like the most is that not only does he give me brilliant advice but he also always takes my suggestions into account. David taught me how to love different styles of music, from Bach to Coltrane. He also helped me to discover the beauty of different saxophones. He gave me many opportunities to perform. He has an excellent sense of humor and I cannot wait for my next lesson! David is definitely the person to look for if you are aiming high in music.

- Ved Jan Kumar