Through the ages, music has been a great way to connect with people and have fun.  Traditionally, lessons were always one to one with our teacher.  But these days we have online options!  So, if you are unable to get to a Saxophone teacher in person the ideal way to continue your musical education is now here with online Saxophone tuition via Zoom.

I`m David Fitzgerald, an experienced and qualified performer and teacher, based in Norwich where I assist the Norwich Schools with their music lessons and much more.  I`m happy to offer Saxophone tuition via Zoom to both my present pupils and also to students in the wider area, or even Internationally.

It is such a pleasure to pass on my skills to another new generation and many of my students go on to perform or teach, and enjoy playing the Saxophone for the rest of their lives. 

So if you are unable to receive lessons one to one from a qualified Saxophonist let me help you with online saxophone tuition via Zoom... or we can also use Skype if you find this easier.  So please contact me to register and get started today.