There has been a dramatic sea change in the way people are carrying on their lives after the Corona Virus Epidemic. Many people who were studying instruments such as the saxophone have thought, inevitably, that lessons would stop, but that could not be further from the truth!  You can continue to have your saxophone lessons via Zoom (or Skype) online, with me and the transition from travelling with your instrument to working at home could not be simpler. 

In fact, in many cases, teaching saxophone lessons via Zoom or Skype is very much more convenient for my students as no travelling time or expense applies, and this means I can welcome students from further afield.  So I am happy to use the Zoom and Skype platforms to continue lessons with my valued students and to welcome more from around the world by offering tuition and theory lessons online in woodwind, flute and piano as well as saxophone lessons via Zoom.

I get much joy in passing on the musical knowledge and practice that I have achieved, over a lifetime of professional musical application and study. 

So do not give up learning your instrument because of the present situation which can be used to the full while we are all at home to get in as much practice as possible!  

For those that do not already know me, after a lifetime of musical performance and creativity, I have been pursuing a teaching role in Norwich, Norfolk as a regular teacher of music at the Norwich SchoolNCYM (Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians) and the Norfolk Music Service

The NCYM is a Saturday Music School here in the City of Norwich and one of of only five CYM Music Academies here in the UK directed by the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, one of the world`s leading Conservatoires).   

I also hope that my creative Saxophone ensemble, Saxology, and my work with the Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians and the Norfolk Music Hub will continue once this crisis is over.  I also co-direct the Senior School Jazz Band at the Norwich School.   However, for the moment, work continues at home for my students and we all look forward to better times ahead.

Preparing for your Saxophone Lessons Via Zoom


Please set yourself up about 10 minutes before the lesson, and get ready to log in, in a quiet corner of your home with your saxophone and your laptop or phone close to hand, set up so that we can see each other, and ask your family to avoid interrupting you.  That way, no time in your lesson will be wasted.  I will aim to start on time and your saxophone lessons will be the usual 30 minutes in duration.