Are you looking for online lessons with a piano tutor via Skype?  Tutoring one to one has always been traditional, however these days we can take advantage of Skype and Zoom which are both methods I use for students who are unable to visit me in person.

I invite you to contact me now to discuss online learning in this way, which is even possible for International students living outside of the UK.

In challenging times, music can be the creative outlet that keeps your feet on the ground and your head clear.  A great distraction from the daily worries, perfecting your style and competence in your piano practice can be a rewarding pastime which has the bonus of reducing your stress levels.   Many of my pupils are now looking for a piano tutor via Skype (or Zoom) and spending your free time improving your piano skills will be one of the things that could bring you through this difficult period with a sense of achievement.  So don’t put your piano studies on the back burner, as I am offering lessons online to my pupils both local and further afield via Skype and Zoom and it is a pleasure to continue the work that has been going so well, and open up the future opportunities for us all, by working in a new way.

As well as the piano lessons via Skype, I also offer tuition on my other instruments via Skype, namely Saxophones, Flutes and Woodwind.  Skype is an excellent platform to offer piano lessons online in your own home and all you need is a quiet corner where you can set up your phone, tablet or laptop, so that we can chat and share information during the lesson.  Please set yourself up about 10 minutes before the lesson is due to start and piano lessons last the same time via Skype as they would normally - which is 30 minutes.  When you contact me to arrange your lessons I will be happy to send you the link.

It is a genuine pleasure to teach piano and piano theory to my students and after a lifetime of professional playing and study, I am presently a teacher of music at the Norwich School, NCYM (Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians) and the Norfolk Music Service.  As a part of the excellent Music Teaching team here in Norwich School, Norfolk I also co-direct the Senior School`s Jazz Band and head Saxology (which is an inspiring and creative Saxophone ensemble).

If you are not familiar with Norwich, NCYM is a Saturday Music School here in the City of Norwich; one of of only five CYM Music Academies located here in the UK which are directed by the Guildhall School of Music & Drama (one of the world`s leading Conservatoires).  Once we all get back to our normal routines, I look forward to resuming my local roles but as a Piano tutor via Skype it has been and exciting journey with my students and has enabled me (and them) to keep up our musical progress.

Many of my students progress to developing promising careers in music either as performers or teachers.   My aim is that my students find their own ‘voice’ and potential in the musical field and there is no reason to give up on music when you can continue your lessons with a piano tutor via Skype and Zoom.

Your piano lessons could lead you to follow the many before you who have have been awarded places at Academies & Conservatoires such as: Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Royal Academy of MusicRNCM & Trinity Laban (for Classical as well as Jazz Programmes of Study).  When normal life resumes, for our UK students there are also possibilities to get involved with some of the inspiring Youth Programmes within the National Youth Jazz Collective, National Youth Jazz Orchestra and Aldeburgh Young Musicians.

So, if you wish to continue lessons with me as your piano tutor via Skype from home then do give me a call.

I send you my best wishes... for the health and welbeing of all my students, and their families, wherever you are at this time.  David Fitzgerald