If your child (or you) are learning piano then come to a piano tutor Norwich students have come to rely on to inspire and challenge them on their musical journey - which can last for a lifetime.

David Fitzgerald teaches piano and other instruments including woodwind, flute and saxophone around Norfolk, particularly at Norwich School, the Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians (NCYM) and he is also closely involved with the Norfolk Music Hub (Norfolk County Music Services).

Music has an amazing effect on the mind, body and spirit.  A powerful and special way of self expression it can also be great fun - especially when playing in ensemble, which is greatly encouraged for any student.   Self discipline and the ability to carry on even when things get tough is essential for every great player.  Listening to music and attending concerts will inspire you to find your own niche in the endless landscape of musicality as will regular practice and application to your studies - from just five or ten minutes a day will make an enormous difference to your muscle tone and technique.  It is good to have a set routine to sit down at the piano, which combining percussion with melody is one of the most versatile instruments there is.

David is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher of the piano and encourages his students to record lessons for future reference - as a reminder of the instructions and as a record of their journey.  As well as being a successful piano tutor Norwich area David has half a lifetime of performance and tuition behind him and his experience and enthusiasm for his art is borne out by a long back catalogue of recordings and performances with groups such as IONA and collaborations with Dave Bainbridge and Adrian Snell plus a number of personal solo recordings that have become favourites in Christian circles, such as In Paradisum - an anthology of beautiful and inspiring Celtic and instrumental music and David has also been associated with BBC Songs of Praise - and for these recordings please do look at the Video section of this site and David`s YouTube site.

As a master of many other instruments as well as the piano, David Fitzgerald is a registered full member of both the ISM (Incorporated Society Of Musicians) and the Musician`s Union, also fully registered with the DBS (Update Service) and through the Norwich Schools where he teaches a variety of instruments.

David offers tuition Piano & Music Theory from beginner to Grade 8 standard. David promotes and follow the Syllabus for Piano examinations (Classical & Jazz Syllabus) produced by the ABRSM (Associated Board Of The Royal Schools Of Music) which is the world`s most reliable and respected exam board, and also the syllabus from Trinity College London.

When you have begun your journey on the piano you may be surprised where it will take you - perhaps even to public acclaim!  David`s piano students are given the opportunity to perform at the much esteemed Norfolk County Music Festival which has been running since 1925 and his pupils also regularly perform as soloists and as members of various ensembles around Norfolk.  David also offers a Summer Recital, held at the King Of Hearts, the Narthex Centre (Cathedral of St John the Baptist) and at the Sanctuary (part of STN/St Thomas Church Norwich). 

So when they choose a piano tutor Norwich students will be learning from a master musician in David Fitzgerald.