Welcome to my current and new students of the Piano.  If you would like to continue your piano lessons via Zoom (or Skype), from home, I am happy to help.

The Covid situation has caused many pupils to remain at home, but this does not mean that your music lessons have to cease.  In the present difficult circumstances music lifts the spirits and is a great distraction.  So, if you are looking to continue your studies uninterruped, online lessons are a great way to go and I am able to continue to assist your progress with piano lessons via Zoom and also on Skype platforms.

As a professional music teacher working for schools in the Norwich area in the UK, I usually offer private tuition to pupils in the City of Norwich, and throughout Norfolk and Suffolk, takng lessons at the Norwich School during the week, the NCYM on Saturdays and at the Norfolk Music Hub.  

My pupils have been awarded places at the following Academies & Conservatoires: Guildhall School of Music & DramaRoyal Academy of MusicRoyal Birmingham ConservatoireRNCM & Trinity Laban (for Classical as well as Jazz Programmes of Study) as well as Youth Programmes within the National Youth Jazz CollectiveNational Youth Jazz Orchestra and Aldeburgh Young Musicians.  Many of them go on to become professional musicians and there is no doubt that being able to play to a high standard brings much pleasure to both the player and the listener and opens many other doors in life.

Piano lessons via Zoom or Skype last the same time as normal lessons which is about 30 minutes at a time to suit.  normally during school term dates, and I also offer occasional teaching days during the school holidays, by request. 

After a lifetime of professional musicianship and study, it is a delight to pass on my knowledge to my students and watch them flower into inspiring, talented  musicians and find their own `voice`.  I assist pupils to prepare for both Classical & Jazz ABRSM and Trinity College London examinations. I also co-direct the Norwich Senior School`s Jazz Band in addition to my work with Saxology which is an exciting Saxophone ensemble. 

I am also able to pass on my skills as a teacher of many other instruments: Alto, Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet and Music Theory (for some pupils to assist preparation for ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) examinations. 

Piano lessons via Zoom from home are fairly similar to normal lessons.  A little planning ahead is always good.  Try and warn your family that you are studying for that time to avoid interruptions and set up your laptop in an accessible position next to the piano so that we can communicate and see each other.  Get ready 10 minutes before the lesson, to ensure that we start on time and ensure that all music books etc are to hand.  

If you are unable to come out, Piano Lessons Via Zoom will help you continue your music studies and give you a much needed distraction from being trapped indoors.  Do contact me for further information or to arrange your lesson.