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BBCTV Songs of Praise

It has been a privilege to have recorded with so many artists & choirs for this programme over the years. Songs of Praise has to be a `National Treasure` now. I have always appreciated working with the BBC Songs of Praise team. They have a commitment to excellence and a passion for sharing the diversity of Christian Worship on national TV. I have also valued highly the way that people, from across our Nation, have been prepared to tell the stories of their life journey and of their faith for us to share and draw inspiration. To see some of the SOP Programmes that I have contributed to do look at the Video section on this site and also my You Tube site.

Please see their Website:

In August 2019 I joined my friend and co-founder of the band IONADave Bainbridgefor a Concert in Durham Cathedral. This was a truly significant event as it was 30 years ago that I first journeyed to Durham Cathedral and on to the Islands of Lindisfarne & Iona and where I first discovered something of the lives of St Cuthbert, St Aidan and St Columba (who established the Abbey on the Island of Iona). These were the legendary Celtic missionaries & monks of the 6th & 7th Century, credited with bringing the message of the Christian Gospel throughout Scotland & the North of England. For this event we were joined by Sally Minnear (daughter of Gentle Giant keyboardist & composer Kerry Minnear & his dear wife Lesley). Sally offered wonderful Vocals, Keyboards, Whistles & Percusssion.

Dave & I have recorded a project called `Life Journey` at Open Sky studios. Please see Dave`s Web page on this site for more information on this beautiful Instrumental project.

life journey front life journey back cover

Do also visit the IONA website for more news and background to the band that I co-founded with Dave:

If you do like my music, then do please go on to visit the ICC or IONA websites to buy my CDs, or visit the iTunes store to download solo albums or individual tracks. For the `Life Journey` CD do please visit the IONA & Lindisfarne Scriptorium sites and purchase these from us directly:

Lindisfarne Scriptorium:

ICC has released a 4 CD Box Set of my solo projects entitled `IN PARADISUM`. This collection represents my recording work with ICC over some 10 years (since 1995 when my first solo project `Columcille` was released) and has been released as a fold-out boxset. (For more on this and track samples, see my Solo Projects page on this site)

For reviews & more information on this release and to also purchase In Paradisum (and others) please go to this website:CrossRhythms: USA:

It is also now possible to purchase tracks & albums from iTunes. Just go to the itunes store & type in my name. You can also hear most of my recordings (solo and collaborations) on Spotify and other streaming sites.

IONA recordings are now also available on iTunes. Most of our projects are also now available from & other main outlets.


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The Eye Of The Eagle This has now been released in DVD format (by Voiceprint). This offers for the first time the opportunity to see the one and only live concert of this project (at Norwich Cathedral, for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival). For a preview, have a look at this link on You Tube: EOTE on You Tube:



The Breaking of the Dawn

Dave Bainbridge & I recently worked on another new(ish) project with Nick Fletcher (called `The Breaking Of The Dawn`), it is well worth looking into this recording (also available on iTunes!) which is based on the songs of Keith Getty & Stuart Townend. For more on Nick`s recordings: