Are you looking for some music theory tuition? Do you want to learn the `language` of music?  As a professional music theory Teacher Norwich based David Fitzgerald is happy to take on new pupils at any age and stage of their musical career.

"Music Theory - you never stop learning it!"

Even a little music theory is better than none.  But pursuing music theory is essential to facilitate your understanding of melody, harmony and rhythm and hone your creative skills in addition to playing your chosen instrument, or instruments and producing a pleasing sound with the understanding that comes with knowing what, why and how it is achieved.

Music theory might sound like a `heavy` subject and indeed there are many layers to it, but breaking it down into manageable chunks each is quite simple to learn.  David Fitzgerald will encourage you to enjoy your music theory lessons and use them to create your own musical compositions.  When you play well, and really understand the music you are playing, you will discover a world of pleasure that will have you completely absorbed!

As a long time professional performer, writer and music theory teacher Norwich is now where David teaches pupils at the Norwich School, Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians (NCYM) & Norfolk Music Hub (Norfolk County Music Services).

David considers it a great privilege and thrill to help his pupils of piano, woodwind, flutes saxophones clarinet among other instruments to reach their peak of performance.

Keen students of Music theory find that it opens the doors to higher studies in Music Conservatoires, at University, or through performances in publis even leading to professional careers in music.

Most music theory lessons will last half an hour, and pupils are encouraged to take along their mobile phone to record the lesson if they like.  Lessons are usually timed to coincide with school term times but if lessons in the holidays are required there is some capacity for this by arrangement. 

David Fitzgerald has enjoyed a long career in the music industry from his days with the Christian Folk/Rock band IONA and collaborations with Adrian Snell and Dave Bainbridge as well as solo performances and personal productions of many styles of music.  He is also well known for his association with the BBCTV programme Songs of Praise.  You can view David`s Discography here and details of his performances here - please search the site to find out what you need to about David`s professional music credentials!

David Fitzgerald is fully registered with the DBS (Update Service) as well as through the Schools where he works.  He is also fully registered with both the ISM (Incorporated Society Of Musicians) and the Musician`s Union.  

So, if you want to learn more and take lessons in music theory Norwich students of any age are most welcome to join the many previous pupils who have taken on the challenge of a musical career please contact David here for a call back, or telephone on the number above.