If you enjoy playing an instrument then you will know that music theory is key to understanding your craft.  So why not vastly develop your knowledge and practice with some lessons in music theory?  Do not be put off by the name: music theory is always useful and never wasted!  So for those of you who would like to try taking some music theory lessons Norwich based David Fitzgerald is happy to pass on his vast musical knowledge and skills.

The study of music theory is more exciting than it sounds.  For budding singers and songwriters especially, music theory is a key skill.  

A valuable resource that undergirds all your music practice and enhances your sight reading skills, music theory can also enlarge your vision by introducing you to the dynamics of music, and helping you improvise effectively.  So, far from being a tedious side step from the business of making beautiful sounds, getting up close and personal to the building blocks of your craft will enable you to progress quickly to a higher level and increase your creativity and appreciation of all that you hear.

A Teacher of Music Theory Lessons Norwich

As a registered and full member of the ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) and the Musicians Union, David teaches many instruments including Saxophones, Woodwind and Flutes, as well as Piano to his local students in Norwich and also further afield using Zoom and Skype platforms.  

An accomplished musician, performer and teacher, David has made some notable contributions to the music industry and you can view his performance and recording history here.

David is now resident in Norwich, Norfolk and as a registered and full member of the ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) and the Musicians Union he continues to teach in local schools and offers private lessons to local students, and also online tuition to pupils worldwide.  Online music theory lessons via Zoom and Skype are developing into a successful teaching tool which is convenient and safe, enabling many more students to benefit from lessons and for your peace of mind, David is fully registered with the DBS (Update Service) and also through the Schools where he works.

So please do get in touch with David here to improve your knowledge of music theory and give yourself the tools to become an expert musician, because when it comes to music theory lessons Norwich has no better teacher to help you on your way to understanding music and finding your own style and `voice`.