During the Lockdown period I am happy to offer private Flute Lessons via Zoom and indeed Skype to pupils who are currently obeying the rules to stay at home around Norfolk, Suffolk, and indeed, the World.

These are challenging times and who knows how temporary, or even long term this will be.  We are all getting used to a different way of life and work.  Skype and Zoom are two online platforms which have been effective for business and personal use for a long time now and using these I am happy to encourage my students to continue their lessons effectively from home.  

So, for flute lessons via Zoom and Skype please use the contact form here to set up your appointment and I will be able to send you a link before we start.  Please keep your laptop handy during the lesson and get set up comfortably so that we can see and hear each other.

AFter a long career, I`m not performing so much these days, but offering lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced students of the flute.  I love to see my students improve and I always find ways to challenge them to greater heights in their musical journey and it is a constant pleasure to me to hear news of their progress and see them performing.

I now spend my time mostly in Norwich, offering a variety of musical tuition both practical and theory, including flute lessons via Zoom and Skype.

My career has spanned many decades as a performer and composer and you can view details of my musical career and see my catalogue here

As anyone who is listening to their favourite music knows, it can have an extraordinary effect on one`s mood, so my prayer is that we can all treat this time away from the normal routine as a chance to hone our skills and lift our spirits out of the current crisis. It is fantastic to be able to continue to offer Private tuition for students via Zoom (or Skype). 

A lesson usually takes up around 30 minutes so please arrange to be uninterrupted as far as possible and have your laptop comfortably placed so that we can see and hear each other during the lessons.

So, if you would ike to speak to me to discuss taking your flute lessons via Zoom from your own home, please use the contact form to reach me here

With my very best wishes... for the health and happiness of all my students and their families.  David Fitzgerald.