If you need to find a Clarinet Teacher Norwich based David Fitzgerald is happy to take on new pupils for woodwind and progress their studies to the highest level.

The Clarinet is a versatile instrument that lends itself to Classical and Jazz music.  David has made many beautiful recordings using his Clarinet, as part of the band scene in the 70s and 80s and his personal catalogue of performance and recording  is a testament to the varied styles and gorgeous tones that can be created by the instrument.  He has also been closely involved with many recordings for BBVTV`s Songs of Praise.

As a long time professional musician and Clarinet teacher Norwich is now where David spends his time in and around the Norwich School, Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians (NCYM) & Norfolk Music Hub (Norfolk County Music Services) where it is a real pleasure to inspire many new students of the clarinet and many other instruments, to higher levels of musical achievement.  Your Clarinet lessons can be a springboard to many other opportunities such as further education in Conservatoires, Universities, or public performances and rewarding careers in music, as well as the social and personal pleasures that music can bring.

As one of David`s pupils you will have the chance to participate as a soloists or as a member of the various ensembles around Norfolk and Suffolk.  The famous Norfolk County Music Festival and many more musical events are also where students are to be found, performing at their best.

To give students even more of a challenge, David holds his own Pupils` Summer Recital, usually at the King Of Hearts, the Narthex Centre (Cathedral of St John the Baptist) and at the Sanctuary (part of STN/St Thomas Church Norwich).

Normally, weekly Clarinet lessons last about half an hour, and to make the most of that short time, David always encourages students to bring in their mobile phones to record the sessions for study later on.  Keeping these files can become an interesting record of your progress too.  Lessons are generally taken during the Norfolk school terms but there is some capacity for some tuition during holiday times if required.

So, if you wish to learn the Clarinet, and learn it well, be challenged and inspired - come to the most gifted Clarinet teacher Norwich has around, by contacting David here for a call back, or telephone on the number above.

As a Clarinet Teacher (and teacher of many other instruments) David is fully registered with both the ISM (Incorporated Society Of Musicians) and the Musician`s Union.  

He is also fully registered with the DBS (Update Service) as well as through the Schools where he works.