Iona - Flight Of The Wild Goose

Iona - Flight Of The Wild Goose. (Uploaded from VHS copy). Recorded in Holland in 1990 for EO Broadcast Company, Hilversum. This concert was for a CCM series called `Highlight` (that evening we shared the stage with BB & CC Winans & their amazing band!). Dave Bainbridge (Keyboards/Guitars), David Fitzgerald (Saxophones/Flutes), Joanne Hogg (Keyboards), Nick Beggs (Chapman Stick/Bass), Frank Van Essen (Drums/Percussion). This recording has now been digitally remastered & is part of a DVD release entitled `IONA`, on the Open Sky Records label & distributed worldwide by Voiceprint. There are 8 live tracks in total on this DVD, which includes amazing film footage with stunning views of Iona and The Isle Of Mull. There are also a number of interviews with the members of Iona at that time. For more information please visit (for Japan - The Music Plant: