Adrian Snell - If I Were

Adrian Snell - If I Were (Reading from Isaiah 49:14-18 NIV Text by Israel Najara b. circa 1558 - d. circa 1625). From `Song Of An Exile`, recorded at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial on the 25th August 1994. Adrian Snell (Keyboards & Vocals), David Fitzgerald (Saxophones, Flutes & Whistles), Caroline Bonnett (Percussion & Vocals), Richard Ayal Frieden (Interpretive Dance & Movement), Dave Bainbridge (Additional Programming & Sequencing).

If I Were - (words by Israel Najara):

`Sleep deserts my eyes and I toss like a ship In the sea of my yearning for you, As I imagine these things... If I were a child in arms and you were my mother, Then I would suckle and you would quench my thirst. If I were a stream and you and I sat in my garden I would tend your fruit. If I were a shelter and you dwelt within me We would clothe ourselves with joy. If I were a servant and you were my Lord I would long to serve you, O, I would never choose freedom`