Barry & Batya Segal (Vision For Israel)

Barry & Batya Segal `Go Through The Gates` - the title song of the CD Recording made in 2002 and produced by Andy Piercy. Musicians on this recording include: Mark Edwards (Programming, Keyboards, Piano, Hammond Organ & Accordian), Tim Oliver (Piano & Keyboards), Stuart Hall (Oud, Bouzouki, Kemence & Violin), David Fitzgerald (Flute, Piccolo, Soprano & Tenor Saxophones, Assorted Whistles & Woodwinds), Geoff Smith (Hammered Dulcimer), Frank Van Essen (Tarbuka, Percusssion & Violin), Randy Spencer (Shofar), James Bejon & Phil Barker (Bass), PSALM DRUMMERS (Terl Bryant, Bernie Gardener & Simon Wray). Recorded & Mixed at various studios in Newhaven, London, Jerusalem, Holland, Wales. Mastered by Denis Blackham (Country Masters, England) & Post Mastered by Brian Forakar (Autumnwood Studios, Nashville, TN).